Monday 24 July 2017

Fashion showroom BECK by Kubani Design

Happy to announce that the luxury department of the german Fashionstore Modehaus Beck was reopened again after reconstruction and interior design by Kubani Design. It was a great cooperation! The result is very bright and friendly. The task was to design the interior for flexible usage, so that the cloth racks can be demounted form the ceiling and the container underneath an be stored. The space should be used as well for exhibitions, concerts, popup shops and company events.

Happy birthday.....2nd one already

Our sweet girl turned 2 right after our short vacation. Everything was styled in her favorite and rose. Are all girls the same? She was sick that day but still so sweet and fun.

Weekendtrip to Chateau Mcely

This place is always worth a visit! So in love with the interior and every single detail of the rooms. The color and material combination is just perfect.

4th birthday

One month ago we celebrated our sons 4th birthday! Time flies really so fast! The topic was black and white and I ordered a cake with Batman design which was his big wish...

Peter Lindbergh exhibition Munich

Not long ago I visited a friend in Munich and combined it with a visit at the Kunsthalle to see the amazing exhibition of Peter Lindbergh. I was always fascinated by his art and the way he photographs women.