Thursday 12 December 2013

Passion for beauty

Fashion and furniture are my passion. I love beautiful things in general I guess. It brings me joy and moments of happiness when I can look at them, touch them. I can get lost in furniture stores, spending there hours of admiring. 

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Loving the little white ceramic bowls made from my friend Radka. I use them the whole year but at Christmas time they seem perfect for the decoration, don't you think?

New design store and cafe in Prague

This lovely design store opened a few weeks ago close to my place. Now it became a weekly routine for me to stop there after going for a walk with my little baby boy to have a nice cup of coffee and some nice atmosphere. Loving the huge chandelier in the middle of the space. The flower arrangements 
 by Mario Wild are also a must see.

Designblok 2013

The Designblok in Prague is always one of the highlights of the year. Education by design can start at an early age...hehe

Prague Fashionweek

Prague Fashionweek was one of the first events I went without my little angel. Enjoyed the atmosphere and watching the fashion crowd.